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let’s bring our own bag… for real!

If you have some time, please watch this video called ‘Sea of Shame’ on ’60 minutes’. It is just too sad… and sadly enough reality. Much damage has been done to our planet already, but if we make some changes in our day to day life (reduce our garbage pile by reusing the plastic bags we have, use glass for storage, bring our own bag, get a water filter instead of buying water in plastic bottles etc.) we might be able to make a difference. I know it’s not always easy to make changes, but our planet and every creature living on it will be so grateful…

thank you!


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give thanks to the turkeys…


Thanksgiving always makes me a little sad when I think about the mass amount of turkeys being eaten on that day. Turkeys are cute and beautiful and deserve to be treated with respect as all animals deserve to. Please click here to see a great video on about Giving Thanks to turkeys : )

Much love and Giving Thanks!

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we made it… happy people and happy animals!


Not only has America elected the most wonderful, hope-inspiring new president, California also passed prop.2! Woooohoooooooo!!!!!
It’s a great step in the good direction for the welfare of animals. So very, very, very happy… What a day!

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